Zoning Forms

Zoning Permit Requirements
Zoning Permit Application
Plot Plan - A drawn layout of the of the proposed project must be submitted with the Zoning Permit Application

Zoning Hearing Application and Instructions

Uniform Construction Code Forms

UCC Permit Application
Commonwealth Code Inspection Services UCC Residential Fee Schedule

Subdivision and Land Development Forms

Conditional Final Plan Approval Form Letter
Conditional Preliminary Plan Approval Form Letter
Escrow Agreement
Letter of Credit Form Letter
Developer's Letter Agreement Form Letter
Storm Water Management Agreement and Declaration Easement

Stormwater Management Forms

Stormwater Management Exemption
Small Project Application
Minor Stormwater Management Plan
Major Stormwater Management Plan
Alternative Process of Agricultural Application
Stormwater Management Agreement & Declaration of Easement


WDT Trash/Recycling Settlement Agents Form for requesting final information. Email to info@wdtwp.com
Designated Agent Form

Misc Forms

West Donegal Township Fee Schedule
Deck Details
Roadway Occupancy/Opening Permit (this permit is required for anyone who needs to excavate within a township roadway)
New Driveway Permit (This permit is for a NEW driveway only)
Driveway Maintenance Repair Permit
Complaint Form

Sidewalk Permit
Short Term Rental Registration

For on-lot septic systems, please refer to the information & form provided under the Zoning & Planning tab.

These forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, click here to download.